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Taylor's Time!

Welcome back!

Yes, she only took a week off.

Really and truly.

So we're diving into another WIP this week; it promises to be another emotionally-wrenching story.

I'll stop talking now and let Taylor take over!

The Chosen - WIP

Part One:


"Tell us the story!"

I was sitting in my rocking chair, taking my ease and watching the glow of the fire. Zaf came to me, joyful as ever.

"Please Setti," Adra begged, trailing behind her brother. "We're old enough to know now. Tell us about Papa!"

I wasn't surprised when my son named his firstborn after me. He adored his mother, after all. I looked at them: sweet little Zaf with his dark curls of thick brown hair down to his shoulders, and at Adra, who had grown to be so beautiful. It was true, my grandchildren were older now, more mature than they'd been the first time they'd asked. At the same time, they still seemed so young, so little.

How would they handle their father's story? How could I help them comprehend the miraculous circumstances of his birth? How would they come to terms with his arrest, his lashing, his banishment? Would they hate him, push him away, damn him for all that he'd done? Would he approve of my sharing it with them?

I swallowed, cupping my hands around my steaming cup of black tea.

"If you feel you are ready to hear it," I began, rocking back in my chair. "I will tell you. Listen to me carefully, because I will only tell this story once. Do not ask questions of me. Do as I tell you and listen."

They nodded and arranged cushions on the floor. The fire burned bright and warm as the blizzard winds blew relentlessly outside. I put a hand on my belly as if I could still feel him growing inside me and began at the beginning.

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