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Taylor's Time

It's exactly one week before Christmas, so let's check in with Taylor one more time before she goes on a little sabbatical. (Of course, she may surprise us all with a random post. I'll know when you do!)

Here we go!

Dearest readers,

2022 is shaping up to be an oh so wonderful year. Not only will Raif (Badawi) be released from prison, the powerful TV series "This Is Us" will enter it's sixth and final season, and my family will be starting a brand new chapter of our lives.

It will be a chapter full of white Christmases and steaming mugs. It will be a chapter written with joy and adventure, new sights and experience. It will be a chapter that reads like a dream.

My family of three (my parents and I) are moving from the sunny beaches of California to the snowy peaks of Colorado Springs and I couldn't be any more excited. I absolutely cannot wait to sit by our fireplace with my kitty and dog as my parents and I watch our favorite evening programs. I cannot wait to step foot into our new home, a home that'll be ours for years and years to come. I cannot wait to spend every weekend with my grandmother and her family, who always seem to be in a state of constant positivity and laughter. I cannot wait to start a new life in a new home. They say good things come to raise who wait and for me, that cannot be more true.

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