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Taylor’s Time!

Welcome back, and thank you for visiting us!

This post is another in our series of writing from a young and aspiring author, Taylor Anne Vigil. Her prose is vibrant and rich, and I am thrilled to have another entry from her for the website.

Here’s her description of the piece:

My Entry for thus week: From a journal I wrote all throughout high-school. I named it , Max after Max from “The Book Thief”- REALLY GREAT BOOK- just like Anne Frank named hers, Kitty.

April 13th 2015


As I walked downstairs to go home, I spotted three beautiful little boys.

I watched as they ran from their mother to a teacher who stood a distance away from them. They crashed into his legs and held him and laughed. I walked by the mother, who was smiling, clearly full of pride for her three boys.

“They’re so sweet.” I said, smiling.

“Yeah, they are.” The mother replied, still watching her sons.

I began to walk away, but stopped and said, “I want to be a teacher!”

The mother looked at me.

“You want to be a teacher so you can get hugs?”

I nodded my head, unsure of what she actually meant by that. But then, I felt a tiny body crash against mine, almost knocking me down. I had gotten my answer.

The second and third boy nearly jumped on me as they wrapped their arms around my waist. I was in absolute shock. I wrapped my arms around all three of the boys. The youngest boy let his legs slide out from under him, using only the tight grip he has on my waist for support. I kissed his head ever so gently and held all of them tighter, not wanting to let them go. They laughed and giggled as they ran back to their mother, who’s smile was bigger then before.

It’s one thing to have a mother tell her children to say, “Hello” to me at MickeyD’s, but to have a mother let her tiny children give me a bear hug was remarkable. Let this be an example of teaching our little ones how to love. I’ve learned the greatest joys and lessons in life from children.

Those three little boys are why I am living….

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