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Taylor’s Time

Welcome back to another one of our regular features, Taylor’s Time with Taylor Anne Vigil.

If you haven’t met her before, you’re in for a treat. Her prose is almost lyrical in its style, carrying upon it a hint of melody, a distant echo of a song only she can hear.

This is an untitled piece she’s written just for you.

What shall I do with this wolf who follows me?

A gentle soul rests within her soft pelt. Her slender form whispers of a calm demeanor. I am not afraid of her, nor will I ever be.

What shall I do with this wolf who watches me? Her eyes, beautiful and bright, reflect the brilliant hews of autumn. Her gaze holds me in a loving way. So gentle and intimate, that I think I might weep. Her eyes capture me. They embrace me. They tell me, “Don’t be afraid”.

What shall I do with this wolf who guards me? Her white face bears the scars from battles she’s fought for me. I’ve heard her snarls and cries from the woods. I’ve seen her with deep gashes and wounds. “What did you do to yourself?” I’d ask from afar. “I kept you safe.” Her eyes answer.

What shall I do with this wolf who loves me? She sings for me at night. Her howl pricks my eyes to tears. Laying in my bed, I feel as though her songs are just for me.

What shall I do with this wolf? I shall cherish her forever…

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