Taylor’s Time


May 17th 2021

Author’s Note:

My dearest readers, I wrote this not to draw attention to myself nor to say that I am “Gifted” in ways that others are not. I am a flawed human being with her own set of challenges and issues that require daily practice to overcome. I am no better than anyone who is reading this.

I had a dream last night that will stay with me forever. I was standing in a square in the city of Jeddah. Though I’ve never once stepped foot into Saudi Arabia, it was a place I recognized. A crowd gathered around me, men returning from Friday prayers. A sick feeling knotted in the pit of my stomach. It wasn’t the men that I was afraid of. It was the scene to come which terrified me.

A shackled prisoner was led off of a bus. A black hood covered his head, rendering him blind and anonymous to the others. But, not to me. I’d seen the sandals, those black trousers, that white shirt, before. I’d seen them in a YouTube video of a man being flogged; a peaceful man, a blogger, an activist. My chest tightened. My stomach twisted with nerves.