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Taylor’s Time

Yes, it’s time for another installment from our Resident Author, Taylor Anne Vigil! This week she has a bit of personal reflection for you, a moment about peace and tranquility, and the importance of dreams and aspirations. So sit back and enjoy!

There’s a chilly bite to the California air. All around me, the leaves die gorgeously, adding splashes of color to an otherwise dull and pale landscape. The woods are beautiful this time of year. I walk through them now, picking wild flowers and admiring the ferns. Animals of all shapes and sizes dart before me: rabbits and squirrels, birds and mice. The foxes are weary, but not fearful. They peer through the underbrush. They twitch their ears. They rush back into their dens. 

I inhale the scent of pine needles and wet earth, wood smoke and burning leaves. As I do, the words of Anne of Green Gables flash through my mind,

“Isn’t it wonderful to be alive on such a beautiful day? I pity the people who aren’t born yet. They’ll have good days, of course, but they’ll never have this one.”

I open my eyes and see my neighborhood, then I sigh in disappointment. The woods I’ve just described to you are only a daydream. I think of Anne again, of her vivid imagination and her zest for life. I am just like her in so many ways. Like her, I love the woods. Like her, I dream big. Like her, I have a whole universe living within my mind.

Often, I wish I could live a life in the woods. I want so badly to live in a cozy little cottage with Christmas lights strung along the rails of the porch and a garden in the backyard. I can’t have this now; not yet, at least. I have neither the money nor the skill to build a life outside of the city. But I can still imagine. I can still create my cottage in my stories and my books. I can live the life I dream of through my characters. Anything is possible, of course, so I’m not giving up hope that I will one day get to see the forest outside my window instead of buildings and cars. 

I’d like to return to Anne for a moment. I highly recommend that all dreamers and non dreamers watch “Anne With An E” on Netflix, because you can learn so much from the red-headed, optimistic, extraordinary girl that is Anne of Green Gables.

And now a recommendation from Taylor

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