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Support Sunday!

Hello again!

Last weekend was my first visit to WhimsyCon, and it was a blast!

I didn't consider how much fun I would have being a vendor at a cosplay-heavy convention. I can tell you this - LOTS!

Usually I'm too busy with panels and running a table to spend any time enjoying the convention, but not WhimsyCon! Between the cosplay parading through the vendor's room and sharing the table with my friend, Rachel Rener, on Saturday?


That's me with Rachel and her husband - photo courtesy of Rachel's mom.

Rachel is so much fun to partner with. She writes fantasy, which dovetails nicely with my sci-fi, and we just - we get on. You know what I mean?

So far we're going to be together at FanExpo Denver and at Wyoming Pop Culture Convention (more about those on the APPEARANCES page), plus we may reunite at another Denver-area con in December. Stay tuned for more!

If you want to buy her books, I'd say start with INKED. Tattoo magic, a grumpy incubus, and a butt cobra. What else do you need? Well, the book! Click the cover to buy it now right from

As for What Comes Next - we're off to Kansas City!

Yes, we're returning to ConQuesT. That's going to be June 2-4, at the Hilton at the KC Airport.

I'd love to see you, and if you're there you'll get to meet my wife, the woman who has been endlessly supportive of me in my quest to achieve my writing dreams!

So click on the button or the logo to get your tickets now!

And now, a few opportunities for you to pick up free or discounted books, because it wouldn't be a Support Sunday without them! As usual, these will be in order from ending soonest to ending latest - and some might still be previews! So catch them while you can.

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