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Support Sunday!

Welcome back to Sunday!

Today I'm in Colorado Springs for the last day of COSine 2023, with my friend and fellow anthology author Madilynn Dale.

Let's get right to it!

First off, NEW CON!

I'll be at WhimsyCon from March 31 to April 2 as a Vendor. This is a new con for me, and I'm excited to check it out.

If you're going to be in the Denver area, drop in and say hi.

If you come by on Saturday, award-winning fantasy author Rachel Rener will be joining me to sign her books - BONUS!

Get your tickets here:

What else is going on? I mentioned it last week, but I'll tell you again - I'm going to go to Wyoming!

(I'll be honest, I never thought I'd be writing that sentence.)

But I was invited to the inaugural Wyoming Pop Culture Convention in July, so I said I'd go!

Even better, my buddy Rachel will be coming too!

Want to know more?

Scan the QR codes, or go to

NOW, let's talk books!

If you have KU, the best way to get into the Cassidy Chronicles is through THE ARTEMIS WAR OMNIBUS. Four novels, the entire saga, plus a bonus novella. And it's FREE on KU.

What's better is at the end of the month it will be free for EVERYONE!

Next week, in just a few days, you can pick up hundreds of thousands of words of space opera goodness for FREE!

But if you can't wait and have KU, pick it up today!

That's enough of my books!

Turning to my tablemate and friend, Madilynn Dale - she has a new book out!

BLUE FLAMES, the sequel to BLACK FLAMES, came out this month, and she's running a promo price of just 99c. Check this out:

With the chaos of her escape from Hell and loss of a mate, Ember attempts to focus on her pack. More is coming for them with Alpha Gale keeping secrets and Greed building an army. It’s only a matter of time before she must return to claim her place as princess of Hell and train as a hellhound. Still, having spent her entire life thinking she was a latent shifter, she doesn’t want to leave those she loves unprotected.

In her pursuit to bring Alpha Gale down, Ember must reach out to other packs. With Adam’s lead, and all their friends by their side, they devise a plan to stop Alpha Gale and have him removed once and for all. No more sacrifices, arranged marriages, or hidden agendas.

When Ember is forced to leave before their plans can take effect, she must depend on her vampire mate, Zeke, and her friends, as she begins to learn how to lead Hell. What Lucifer didn’t expect was having to prepare her for an all out war so soon. The balance of power and time are now on her shoulders. Will Ember buckle under pressure or will her unrealized power be able to bring down those seeking to conquer them all?

Check out her book - click the cover to go to Amazon!

Moving on...

Just for fun, how about a little AI-generated Anime art?

What do you think about Kendra?

Review Opportunity!

Do you enjoy audiobooks?

Science Fiction?

Cassidy Chronicles books?

Great! I need you!

"The Ghosts of Tantor" needs more audiobook reviews, so I'm giving out codes to get a FREE copy from Audible!

All you have to do is click the cover art below to sign up for it!



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