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NaNoWriMo! FREE BOOK PROMOTIONS! Bargain Book of the Month! MORE!

It's NaNoWriMo!

What is that?

It's a challenge to authors to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

I've been participating for years, but this year I have extra motivation: I'm FINALLY back to writing "Tracking Tantor," the second book in the Tantor duology. If I can get the 50,000 words, I will have the book just about DONE!

So, that all said (and it will come up again soon), let's check out the goodies!

First, how about FREE BOOKS and a chance for a $250 giveaway?

TODAY is the last day, so don't wait - click on that banner NOW and get your freebies!

Next, let's talk GalactiCon!

I'll be sharing a table with my new friend Hayley Rae Johnson, a talented fantasy author. Sleep in on Black Friday and drop by the con to do your holiday shopping for all your geek needs! Get those tickets NOW while they're on sale! Buy HERE.

And you should check out Hayley's books too. CLICK HERE FOR HER WEBSITE

And I just found out my friend Rachel Rener will be there too!

Whew. Now, we're on to discounted books!

This month's half-price book!

Since I'm writing the sequel, I thought it was a good time to put "The Ghosts of Tantor" back up on sale!

Click the COVER to buy it from me, or click the BUTTON to go to your favorite retailer!

In the epic sci-fi adventure "The Ghosts of Tantor," the Terran Federation embarks on deep space exploration aboard the TFS Pike, a colossal ship with a discontented crew. Among them is Ensign Nicole Crozier, a former political leader turned reluctant Tactical officer. When Nicole stumbles upon a mysterious rogue planet and an ancient alien artifact, her fate intertwines with a vanished crew. Now, the Pike's team must deploy every resource to rescue their missing members. Nicole's discovery could reshape history, or unleash cataclysm. Brace for a gripping tale of cosmic intrigue and perilous discoveries.


By now, you know the drill!

OLDEST and EXPIRING FIRST on top, NEWEST on bottom!

I'll try to give you a warning as to which is which, but trust me, you don't want to miss out on ANY of these!

This one ends Wednesday:

You've got more time for these!

This one starts soon - but you can check it out now!

I've got one last thing for you.

I may have mentioned my wife has books (yes, multiple) coming out. Well, the first one has released the cover, so now you can check it out.

From what I understand, the pre-order goes live MONDAY the 6th!

See you soon!


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