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Support Sunday!

Hey, I'm back!

So, big news for you if you live on the East Coast!

I have TWO - that's right, TWO! - conventions lined up for 2023 back East.

FIRST will be Multiverse - that will be in Atlanta the weekend of October 20-21-22, and I will be there STRICTLY as a vendor. That means you'll find me all weekend in the vendor's room.

But wait, it gets better!

Joining me at the table will be my friend, the paranormal romance author Madilynn Dale!

Yes, COSine was so much fun we decided to team up again!

You can get your memberships here:

And then?

Well, I'm going to be a guest at DerpyCon in New Brunswick, NJ, the following weekend!

October 27-29, and while we're still working out details, it looks like I'll be both a guest and a vendor there (panels and schedule to come later).

What's a DerpyCon? So glad you asked! It's a sci-fi, gaming, anime, and comic convention, and has been held since 2014!

Ready to get your ticket?

Which con works best for you? Let me know; I'd love to know who's gonna be there!

As for What Comes Next - we're off to Kansas City!

Yes, we're returning to ConQuesT. That's going to be June 2-4, at the Hilton at the KC Airport.

I'd love to see you, and if you're there you'll get to meet my wife, the woman who has been endlessly supportive of me in my quest to achieve my writing dreams!

So click on the button or the logo to get your tickets now!

You probably saw another post where I talked about the Exploration Storybundle.


How the devil did you miss that?

Okay, quick refresher on the bundle:


It's hardwired into humanity's genes.

As far back into history you want to go, there have always been people who want to push the boundaries of what we know. Whether that was looking to the stars and wondering where those twinkling lights came from, or what was across that intimidating-looking ocean, or what the purpose of all that red stuff inside the human body, the questions never seemed to end.

That spirit of exploration has never stopped. It's alive today, as we push boundaries in space, on the planet, and into the dreams of cyberspace.

We've gathered ten notable authors to give you their takes on where humanity's endless curiosity might take us.

Come with us as our voyage of exploration begins!

This bundle has EIGHTEEN books by TEN authors - and you can get them all for TWENTY BUCKS.

But this bundle leaves orbit BEFORE the next Support Sunday, so don't delay!

Click the banner and get yours today!


That's right, there's a new book coming, with fresh Cassidyverse content!

And more, because it's an ANTHOLOGY!

It's going to be released on May 14, but if you order before release you can get it for Half Price. Click the picture below to choose your favorite online retailer!

Oh, wait! I almost forgot!

Ther's a new Cassidyverse Kindle VELLA story launching on Tuesday the 25th. BRAND NEW characters but set in the world you know and love. How much will it cost you? A total of 92c to unlock all the episodes. And they're going to come FAST, one every day until it finishes on May 13.

Click the picture to go to Kindle Vella now and get your tokens - EXES ARE THE WORST will come out in a couple days!

And now, a few opportunities for you to pick up free or discounted books, because it wouldn't be a Support Sunday without them! As usual, these will be in order from ending soonest to ending latest - and some might still be previews! So catch them while you can.

There you go! Lots of books to load up your reader.

What's that? Your TBR is already exploding?

Here's the beauty part of books:

  1. They don't spoil

  2. They don't have expiration dates ("Read by Month/Year or ELSE!")

  3. They're patient and will wait until you're ready.

So grab grab grab, and get to them when you have the urge!

See you in a couple weeks.


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