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Hey there!

First, a convention update.

I'll be at CoKoCon in Phoenix over Labor Day weekend, and I'm pretty sure there are still at-the-door tickets available.

After that, I'll be at Multiverse in Atlanta in October, followed by MileHiCon in Denver.

I'm still lining up cons for 2023, but so far I have MarsCon, COSine, and ConQuesT lined up, and I'm working on more!

This is something new I'm trying. I'm not going to do it every week. Right now, my plan is to do this the week AFTER and the week BEFORE Kendra's newsletter, with her doing a post the week in-between.

Instead of promoting my own books, I'm going to put up links to promotions where you can load up on all sorts of books.

Okay, maybe they're mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but still. Things to look at, books you might not know!

And I'm going to start with a book which came out this week! (Disclosure: I did do the editing for AC, so I'm pretty familiar with it.)

When an angel and a demon fall in love, there's Hell to pay... And Heaven's waiting its turn Rome in the 10th Century is full of demons and succubi, trying to influence and corrupt the church. To combat them are a host of angels and guardians. Kalili is a demon. Faith is an angel. When Faith encounters Kalili, sparks fly. It's impossible, but they can't deny their feelings. When they learn who - and what - they truly are? Neither side wants that, and both Heaven and Hell turn their backs on the pair. No backup. No support. All they can depend on is each other.

It had better be enough.

"Imaginative writing, snarky characters, intriguing plot line, and a enthralling romance between two forbidden beings. What more could you ask for?!" - Amazon Review

"Faith and Kalili’s journey from ‘kill to kiss’ left me begging for more. With the perfect balance of wholesome and seductive, their enemies-to-lovers relationship is one of the best I’ve read." - Amazon Review

And now for some more goodies - just click on the banner to go to the selection!

You may have seen some of these in kendra's newsletter, but the first ones expire soon, and the others are new!

from here they're all new! some might not even be officially started yet (but you can still check them out!)

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