Sunday WildCard – WIP Sneak Peek!

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Today’s post is about 500 words from the current (next) Cassidy Chronicles novel. Now, stop yelling and screaming and carrying on! You knew there’d be another one, right? Right!

This will be a little different, though, as the main focus will be on some characters who were either secondary or almost NPC’s in the other novels. Cass and Ken will not be the focal point of this book, which is why, when it’s eventually released, it won’t have a volume number. It is, of course, a Cassidy Chronicles story. But it’s a branch of the story, if you get what I mean.

Bear in mind this is an unedited, unreviewed, very rough draft. It doesn’t even have a firm title yet!

But that all said: enjoy!

Vulcan’s Forge

Stardate 12406.19

“Oberon wept. What a monster!” Admiral Davie Whitmore stared out the optical sapphire window at the ship nearing completion. She was a tall woman with a face which showed the years of duty she’d carried. Her dark skin and hair were untouched by wrinkles or grey, though, and set off the brilliant white of her uniform. The pods and suited figures provided a sense of scale which would have been lost otherwise. Over four kilometers long and two wide, it was the largest mobile unit every constructed by human hands.

The shorter blonde woman next to her, wearing a similar uniform, chided her. “Davie, you have no poetry in your soul. She’s gorgeous.”

“You’ve always been a romantic, Kendra.”

“True.” She idly patted her abdomen, still barely bulging.

“How are the girls dealing with being big sisters?”

“Mikki’s pretty blasé about it; been there, done that. Lisa’s excited, though. It’s fresh and new and exciting to her.”

“And Richie?”

“He isn’t even one yet! I know our kids are scary smart, but he’s way too little to have a clue.”