Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapters 44 & 45

I have to admit I have a dilemma. I’ll get to it after the introduction.

These two chapters have really different feels to them.

The first one is a short “Katrina, you’re really not quite all that, yet’ chapter. She’s trying, hard, to be everything Mike needs in one body, and she’s getting there.

She’s not there yet though.

The second chapter is explicitly mystical. There have been hints all through this book – and in the first five books, too – of an ‘otherworldly’ hand guiding Mike’s fate. We decided to give those hints reality.

Now. My dilemma. This is going up over Independence Day weekend, and I know enough to realize not many people are going to read them. Barbeques and family and fireworks, oh my!

But do I repeat them later in the week?

Or do I plow ahead with the big chapter?

I guess you’ll just have to find out.