Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter THREE

Time to start making problems for Mike.

What, you thought that Katrina was going to be his only issue?

Now, a couple notes. First, for those of you who know Mike, you know he has quite a mouth on him. He starts using it in this chapter, so if you’re offended by coarse language, this might be a good chapter to stop. Second, remember when this was written: 2009-2010-2011. It is definitely a creature of the times, and the political and military considerations are those of that time period. So before I hear from anyone saying, ‘Hey! That’s not the right Russian President!’ Yes. Yes, it is, for when this book is placed.

Okay, enough of me. ONWARD!


Mike’s Office

A timeless time later…

“Katrina, stop.”


“Katrina, I mean it.” Mike stood suddenly, dumping Katrina toward the floor. She recovered quickly and landed on her feet, clothes only somewhat mussed. She wasn’t happy, though.


He didn’t allow her more.