Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapter Four

And we’re back!

Back in the day, when I was pitching this idea to John, he said something very interesting. Well, he said many interesting things, most of which I can’t repeat. Sorry.

One that I can repeat, though, is his thoughts on this series.

He said, after writing KILDAR, the focus of the series changed in his mind. Instead of being the adventures of Mike Harmon, which is how it started in GHOST, it was a romance between Mike and Katrina. It’s not something you would think, right? I mean, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably read the whole series. (And if you haven’t, there’s a big green button just below to buy the first book.) It doesn’t seem like a romance, does it? But no, it’s all about Mike and Katrina.

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Enjoy your Valentine’s Day trip into the world of The Kildaran!


The Caravanserai

War Room

Mike walked into the conference room and announced, “We’ve got troubles, people.”

“No great surprise,” quipped Adams. He had known Mike the longest, back to Class 201, and was essentially his second-in-command.