Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 43

You may have notice this book has two primary tracks. On the one hand you have the Mike & Kat Road Show; on the other you have Let’s Blow Up the Valley!

However, like all good books, it’s not that simple. The Mike & Kat Road Show has now combined with the Let’s Blow Up the Valley! track; more I can’t really say, as I really don’t intend to have any spoilers in these introductions.

But one of the things I tried to do was have a sub-plot: J and Katya’s Quest for Schwenke. Katya has encountered him twice: the first time, she was lucky and he decided he wanted out; the second time, they were simply crossing paths. Now, this third time, they’re nearly evenly matched.

In fact, when I think about it, this entire book is much more the dynamic, the conflict, between Schwenke and Katya than anything to do with Mike and the Keldara.

But let’s explore that topic another day, shall we?

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