Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 24

That’s right, only one chapter this week. It’s a bloody long chapter! Eighteen manuscript pages, and a bunch happens.

Well, okay, so there are a lot of events in the chapter, not all of which are consequential, but there are lots of little details in there. I worked hard to get those details right, whenever I put them in, so if you go back and research when the Red Sox played Tampa Bay to open the season at Fenway you’ll find that yes, Dustin Pedroia hit a homer in the first inning and Jason Varitek later. And the Durgin-Park restaurant, before it closed this year, was known for having waitresses be rude to the customers, and there was a stall in the Pru which sold Russian nesting dolls.

It was a fun chapter to write; hope you have fun reading it!

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Boston, MA

April 9