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Sunday WildCard – Academy of Breath and Fire

Well hey, how are you? Good to see you for another Sunday WildCard!

Kinda got predictable for a while, didn’t it?

Well, we’re going back to what it was intended to be – something different every week!

This week we have a guest author, Kristofor Hellmeister, and he’s here to talk about his Kindle Vella serial story: Academy of Breath and Fire.

From Amazon: Words are life and death. That’s what they taught Harlen Rodes the first day at Mercroft Academy-at a school he doesn’t want to be in for the next year. Harlen was sent to Mercroft to be trained in the art of Wordsmithing-using words to create, attack, and manipulate. Harlen soon discovers that not only does he have much to learn, but that Wordsmithing can be dangerous. Even deadly.

Academy of Breath and Fire follows Harlen Rodes as he enters a new school—Mercroft Academy. It is here he will learn how to Wordsmith—how to create and manipulate reality using words. As he struggles with his past and faces the challenge of facing the school bully, he also finds himself caught up in a murder connected with the school. Will he make it through the year, or will he encounter a reality he can’t overcome—a deadly reality?

I was inspired to write this book because as a teacher, I see my students hurt one another through the words they speak. The tongue truly can build someone up or tear someone down—essentially create a reality. I also pull inspiration from one of my childhood series—Harry Potter and Alex Ryder.

Head on over and check it out! Remember the first three episodes are always FREE, and right now Amazon will give you 200 tokens to unlock more episodes!

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