Sunday WildCard – A Cassidyverse Story!

I’m glad you’re here!

Today is the public debut of a little story I wrote for a competition. This version isn’t quite the version submitted – it’s been revised based on the judge’s suggestions and expanded a bit – but I think you’ll enjoy it.

Time to set the scene for you. In A Quiet Revolution we find out that Commander Daniela Garcia proposed to Lt. Elliott Kay after a bare four months of dating. There’s a scene in the novel which shows her getting some advice from various people, including her friend, Lt. Petra Orloff, as well as Kendra and Aiyana Cassidy.

What you don’t get to see is the actual proposal, carefully scripted by Daniela, as befitting the Deputy Commander – Attack Group.

Without any further ado…

In hindsight, it was probably the wrong venue for her proposal.

Yes, she’d first asked him out at a Fleet bowling party, which is one reason she’d chosen the bowling alley. The fact the alley was aboard an orbital habitat which housed 40,000 people was immaterial.


She invited their mutual friends but skipped family. Her parents were Earthside and weren’t going to come up for a night. Her sisters? Busy, as usual. His parents were divorced, remarried, and couldn’t stand the sight of each other. Not what she wanted tonight.

Tonight was about them and their future.