Sunday WildCard: A Cassidy Chronicles Novel

Good morning, yes, it’s back, another ~500 words from the next Cassidyverse novel!

This one is a challenging one to write, so far, because I don’t have my usual cast of characters. Oh, they’re present in these snippets, but they won’t be around for most of the book, so I have to figure out the personalities and quirks of the others.

Anyways, let’s take another look!

“It may be easier with a hologram,” Hecate said. An image of a ship appeared floating before them. It was elongated, with a triangular bow which was vaguely alligator-shaped, a tapered ‘waist’ from which extended what looked like two pontoons, and a wider, squared-off aft.

“This is the original design, as proposed by Admiral Cassidy.”

“Wait. Hecate, drop the formality, please,” Kendra said. “Otherwise it’s going to be ‘Admiral this’ and ‘Admiral that’ all afternoon.”

“Certainly, Kendra. After evaluation revealed previously unexpected flaws, the design was revised.”

“Hey!” protested Kendra. “Improvements, not fixing flaws!”

The hologram shifted, with the ‘pontoons’ dropping further down from the central section, and without changing size it seemed to enlarge.

“This was to accommodate the inclusion of a ship fabricator, attached to the ventral side of the central hull, between the flight pods. The overall dimensions of the craft was also increased to reflect the evolving mission of the class.”

Another shift in the hologram.

“An extension was planned for the dorsal side of the central hull, consisting of the bridge and primary science offices.”

And another shift, both to the bow and to the flight pods.

“The original pods were shifted outward, and a second pair of pods were installed on the interior and dorsal sides.”

Kendra jumped in. “And that’s the biggest difference between the Explorers and the other starships; all the smal