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Sunday WildCard



Adam's given me every Sunday to talk about anything I want!

That means you're going to get more stories from me as we go forward, and not just my newsletter!

I suppose I ought to do my due diligence and make Adam happy.

Actually, since these are both at least partially me, it's more enlightened self-interest, but hey, it still makes him happy.

First, my FIRST book, Memories of Aiyana, comes out February first, but you want to know a secret?

Come closer.

No, closer!


You can get the audiobook or paperback now!

You only have to wait if you want the ebook.

Want a sample?

Listen! (It's only a minute, so it won't take long.)

Right, now, what else is going on?

The first Cassidyverse collection is coming, though you have to wait longer for this.

April 18th. Sorry. Adam's in charge of release dates.

But you can see what's going to be in it, at least the interior art and the titles!


Okay, and finally, I wouldn't be me without giving you something you can't get anywhere else.

You've been following Recruiting Kendra on Kindle Vella, right? So you know who Rose is? Well, I thought I'd give you one of the few photos I have of the two of us together.

Me and Rose.


It's one of those things I wonder about, a path not taken. You know?


Happier days.

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