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Sunday WildCard

Thanks for dropping by!

Today, I have an ask.

We’re entering the cover for Triumph’s Ashes in the next All Author Cover of the Month contest!

It’s an amazing cover, and it ought to resonate even more strongly with visitors to the site. But I’m going to need your vote, in each of the four rounds, if we’re going to win it!

How can you help?

First, go to AllAuthor and register. Do it now; it can be done for free and will streamline everything going forward.

Second, as soon as the contest opens on October 1st, go over and vote. Get the cover off to a fast start!

Third, and this is critical: tell your friends. Spread the word and rock the vote!

Fourth, each week, with each new round, vote again, and remind your friends as well!

I will be running a rafflecopter that month, and you get entries based on, you guessed it, voting and sharing! What am I giving away? $100 – yes you read it right one hundred dollars – to!

So go out there and start spreading the word, registering, and as always, THANK YOU for your support! As much as I enjoy writing them and learning the stories myself, I’m even happier sharing them with you!

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