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SALES! More Freebies! More authors! VOTE!


It's time!

Read Freely's doing their Best Books of 2023, and I'm on the shortlist!

And vote for THE HEART OF SPACE under best Sci-Fi!

It's FREE and FAST - I love your support!

Let's keep going with something local - stay here on the site!

Embark on a thrilling cosmic odyssey with Kendra Cassidy, the fearless leader destined to propel humanity into the boundless wonders of the stars—defying all odds in her path!

A gripping saga unfolds as Kendra and her wife, Aiyana, reluctantly assume the monumental task of shattering the Solarian Union's death grip on the system, with the lives of ten billion hanging in the balance. Their journey takes them from the edges of Earth's atmosphere to the distant realms of 40 Eridani, navigating perilous undercover missions on Luna and high-stakes negotiations on Titan.

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action of the nine-book Cassidyverse, spanning from intimate one-on-one betrayals to epic fleet battles that cater to every fandom's appetite for excitement!

Feel the Force with "THE ROAD TO THE STARS" for Star Wars enthusiasts or delve into the captivating origin story with "THE CASSIDY CHRONICLES." Short on time? Discover a collection of riveting short stories, including the award-winning "A Piece of the Action," in "INTO THE BLACK." Uncover the aftermath of Kendra's Christmas party in "THE HEART OF SPACE," and quench your curiosity about the great unknown with "THE GHOSTS OF TANTOR," following the daring mission of the TFS Pike.

The best part? Dive into any of these pulse-pounding adventures for $2.99 OR LESS, exclusively at the heart of the Cassidy Chronicles universe—our website: or click HERE

"Kendra, are you insane?"

"No. Bored."

Get ready for a wild ride beyond the stars!

MOVING ON... Remember, if you see something you like? CLICK THE BANNER IMAGE!


📚📚 Breakin’ Spines 📚📚

📚📚 Paperback & 📚📚

📚📚 Hardcover 📚📚

📚📚 Book Fair 📚📚


Pop into the book fair to scoop up books to add to your library! Paperbacks, hardcovers, and signed copies included!

📚 December 1-14, 2023 📚


A new book by a friend of mine, coming on December 6th but you can pre-order now!

The captain of the Manticore faces a game-changing offer: transport a priceless alien relic to a distant galaxy and secure a lifetime of wealth for his crew.

The catch? An alluring cyborg ninja must accompany them, her arm concealing the mysterious artefact. Secrets abound as they journey through peril, with bounty hunters in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, a passionate romance unfolds between Orion and his ship's doctor, pushing the boundaries of desire and trust.

Cosmic Collisions is a thrilling, action-packed space opera harem adventure that takes inspiration from beloved classics like Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Firefly, but with an added dash of sizzling sensuality.

Content Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences, 18+, and features scintillating encounters between male and female characters, as well as female-male-female interactions, all set against the backdrop of an epic interstellar journey, not to mention the allure of black holes.

Hello, Readers!

I’m excited to announce that all my books will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords from December 15 through January 1 as part of their 2023 End of Year Sale! This is a chance to get my books, along with books from many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.

You will find the promo here starting on December 15, so save the link:

Please share this promo with friends and family. You can even forward this email to the avid readers in your life!

Thank you for your help and support!

Happy reading!

(Click on the banner to go to my page there)


I've scoured Bookfunnel and StoryOrigin for the best selection of free and discounted books! Authors get together to create these promotions to get their books in front of new readers. I try to get a variety for you, something beyond just science fiction (ain't nothing wrong with that!)

So you have sci-fi and fantasy, but also romance and thrillers and action and even children's books! You just have to drill down into each one to see what's there that appeals to YOU!

So, how do you get these books?

CLICK ON THE BANNER! Simple, huh? Each promo has different ways to get the books - some are links, some are direct downloads, and you'll figure it out because you're smart! After all, you're here, aren't you?

Let's start with promos through BOOKFUNNEL - as always, the ones that end earliest are listed first:

Okay, now these are all through StoryOrigin. That doesn't mean anything in particular, except that the ones which aren't officially open yet can STILL be accessed. BONUS BOOKS TIME!

I've got one last thing for you.

I may have mentioned my wife has books (yes, multiple) coming out. Well, the first one has released the cover, so now you can check it out.

And you can pre-order it HERE!

See you soon!


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