Samuel Davel Interview!

Welcome back for another Monday Morning author interview!

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Samuel Davel, author of Dear Monica, an intimate personal journey that details one man’s loss and love from the inside, as it were.

When did you realize you first wanted to be an author?

I first realized I wanted to be an author when I was little, around 12 or 13 maybe. My mom had recently been arrested and it was a rather rough time for a child as you could imagine. Well, I started a rather dramatic journal called “To Hell and Back” journalling the emotions and what it was like for my mom to be gone for a while. I ended up realizing how over-dramatic the journal was after she was released and I ended up throwing it away a few weeks after she got home. It’s kind of stuck with me since though, I’ve just always written stuff down.

Where do your ideas for your stories come from?

Most of my ideas come from real life or real-life stories that have happened to me or friends that have fictional twists and exaggerated plots. I like to look at real-life stories and write in realism so it feels real but has a twist for drama and over exaggerations.