Rosie Smith Interview!

How’s your July doing for you so far?

It’s quite the thing, isn’t it?

Well, today we have an interview with Rosie Smith. Rosie is a science fiction author who specializes in a dinosaur-inclusive style of writing

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When Ursula Le Guin was asked a similar question, she said she “always was a writer.” If that’s a good enough answer for her, it ought to be for me, too. Besides, it comes closest to my own experience. For years, I wanted to “be” something else (archaeologist, then lawyer) while spending my time writing fiction.

Where do you get your information and ideas for your fiction?

There are countless sources given that I’m an inveterate reader of all sorts of fiction and non-fiction. That said, my interactive adventure novel and a lot of my stories feature dinosaurs. Consequently, I draw heavily on recent developments in paleontology such as exciting fossil discoveries, clever research, and new interpretations of what we thought we knew. My concept for T-Rex Time Machine grew out of decades of experience as a gamer blended with my life-long fascination for the most astounding beasts to ever roam our world. Nope, I’m not biased when it comes to dinosaurs, not at all!

I’m also a