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Places to Connect

Here’s some ways that you can connect with me!

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is on social media.

Me too.

There are three ‘best places’ to find me, depending on how you want to interact.

First, Facebook. Yes, I know, FB gets a bad rap because of Zuckerberg and his shenanigans, but it’s a powerful platform. You can find me there in two places: as myself at Adam.Gaffen, and as my Author self as AdamGaffenAuthor. I’ll also happily connect via Messenger for real-time conversations.

Second, Twitter. If you really want to interact with me, go there. I will talk to anyone on Twitter, and my followers list reflects that! @RabidChipmunk42

Third, you can go to InstaGram. I like IG, actually, but it’s a pain in the next for me. Why? Well, I’m old-school enough that I do 97% of everything on a desktop with dual monitors; it’s more powerful and more flexible, and it’s set up perfectly for me to write. But IG doesn’t play nicely with computers. That means I only post to IG either through automatic posts or when I check in (usually a few times a day).

As a special treat, you can go on IG and interact with Kendra. Yup, the Admiral has an account: Admrl_Kendra_Cassidy_TF, and she’s thrilled to get to know this time. I mean, she’s already obsessed with our pop culture, so it makes sense that she’s back here to check it out first-hand, right?

And a couple events coming up.

On Friday January 8th I’ll be featured on Karen’s Killer Fixin’s with one of my favorite recipes, goodies from the next book, and maybe a giveaway or two. The link to her site is Karen Docter – Karen’s Book Bench

And on Tuesday January 12, at 8pm CST (9pm EST/6pm PST) I’ll be live on Cursed Dragon Ship on Twitch TV – which means you can listen to me squirm under the relentless questioning! No, seriously, I’m excited to do this! That link is CursedDragonShip’s Schedule – Twitch

So where will I see you?

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