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One Year Ago

It’s funny how quickly things change.

A year ago we were on a family vacation to Williamsburg, VA. This had been planned for months, as we brought together two of my three kids, both of hers (from Ontario), and her mother (from Wales), packed everyone into two cars and drove from Maine to Virginia.

Long drive.

Worthwhile, though.

We spent the better part of ten days exploring the Colonial Triangle – Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown – and enjoying the time together. It was a huge chunk of ‘down time’ for everyone.

Very happy we did it, and did it then.

I wonder what it will be like the next time we have opportunity?

In any case, here are a few photos. Snapshots, really; I’m no professional photographer.

Battlefield at Yorktown

Replicas of Jamestown-era ships that brought colonists

Jamestown near sunset

Williamsburg House of Burgesses

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