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News about Memories of Aiyana

Hey everyone!

You probably noticed there wasn’t an installment of Kendra’s Memories of Aiyana on Saturday, and I thought I’d explain.

It’s not that Kendra got lazy; ye gods, no! That woman does more than I could even begin to imagine dealing with!

No. What happened is she took the opportunity to put her Memories up on the new service from Amazon, Kindle Vella. And one of the conditions is it can’t be anywhere else for free.

Now, it’s not bad news.

The first three episodes are free to read, and Amazon will give readers 200 tokens to purchase additional episodes if the reader asks for them. Each episode costs a minimum of 6 tokens and it goes up at the rate of 1 token per 100 words.

She’s going to be releasing new episodes every week, every Tuesday.

Click the button below and you’ll be brought right to the site.

Thanks for reading and she’ll see you over there!

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