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New from T.E. Butcher – don’t miss out!

And now for something completely different!

Check out this from my friend T.E. Butcher – on sale RIGHT NOW for just 99 cents each for books 1 through 3!

From Book 1:

The Weekend Warriors. They’re just like us until their country needs them. As tensions rise on Mars, Lt. Paul Reiter leaves a comfortable position teaching history to serve his country. However, the enemy they face is as relentless as they are numerous. When supersoldiers, piloting advanced mechs known as panzerters, surge over the border and threaten his home, Reiter and his ragtag band of citizen-soldiers face long odds of ever seeing their homes again. Their chain of command is dead. Their hometown is overrun. The enemy advances like an avalanche, but these normal people are fighting back. With their own ageing panzerters, a ragtag group of survivors bands together in the face of impossible odds. That’s when Reiter finds himself in the cockpit of his country’s newest Panzerter: the Panzerter VII LOWE. Now they have a fighting chance of saving their homeland, but against a threat as devious as they’re aggressive, will it be enough? If you’re a fan of Gundam, Band of Brothers, or Battletech, you’ll enjoy this military Sci-fi epic as humanity’s second home experiences a global conflict.

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