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More Outlets!

Hey, hey, hey!

Back in the saddle with another post today, and I might do one more later.

This one is just a couple announcements as to where you can buy my books.

Besides going directly to Amazon, that is. See, I like being on sites where other Indie authors are supported. There are LOTS of readers out there, so why not help each other out?

Three places you can go to learn more about me and my books – and even go and purchase the e-books – are:

  1. AllAuthor – this is a clearinghouse site, so you can get from there to just about any other site that the author you want is on. My link is Adam Gaffen, Author | Books | Series | Interview | Deals | Newsletter | Contact | Site | AllAuthor

  2. Rogue Animal Books – another site with lots of indie authors, but they also carry comics as well as books. That’s at Home – Rogue Animal Books

  3. Finally is Indie Book Source, and you guessed it, they do *gasp* Indie Authors! Their site is Books by Adam Gaffen – Indie Book Source

Go check out these sites and check out some of the other authors!

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