Meet Double Dip

From the desk of Kendra Cassidy, Admiral, Terran Federation

Ah, yes, Double Dip.

One of three triplets. Brianna, Justina, and Daniela Garcia. All applied to join the Federation back when we were recruiting for coxswains and engineers for our Wolf Multipurpose Orbital Vehicles program, and all three got in. Having gotten to know them all in the intervening years, that was probably a huge disappointment to each of them. I’m not saying there’s any sibling rivalry going on, but, well, okay. Maybe I am.

Brianna was a natural Engineer; there wasn’t anything in a Wolf she couldn’t get to perform at about 110% of what the engineers claimed was possible. Justina, despite the handle ‘Junkyard,’ was a natural Coxswain. Simply putting her at the controls of a Wolf meant that ship would be flying rings around everyone else in short order.

But this is about Daniela.

She got the handle ‘Double Dip’ because she was the only person we brought on who could handle either the Cox or Eng position equally well. Every Cox was cross-trained on basic Eng duties, and vice-versa. But out of the dozens in the first classes we ran through, she was exceptional. She could outfly Justina and out – what? Out-wrench? Out-engineer? Anyways, she was better than Brianna at her job, too. While they were flying together, it made for the most flexible, capable MOV in the fleet.

And when we launched the Direwolf project, she was the only one we considered, once we knew all the hurdles.

See, the MOV is designed for a two-person crew but can get by with one, in a pinch. The Direwolf, though, is a fighter, stripped down to the bare minimums needed to do the job: three ridiculously overpowered engines, inertial dampers to match, and a pair of lasers which deliver the punch of an old Artemisian Gemini-class frigate.

And room for one person.