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Let’s Play 20 Questions

Thanks for dropping by!

Tonight, Tuesday January 12, at 7pm MST I’ll be appearing on http://www.Twitch.TV/CursedDragonShip ’20 Questions With Your Favorite Author’ – so don’t forget to tune in!

In the meantime, here’s a tiny slice from The Measure of Humanity, a discussion between LJ, the civilian specialist assigned to the Endeavour‘s shuttle bay, and Alley, Captain of the Enterprise:

“How are things going on Endeavour?”

“Settling in pretty well, I think.”

“Any issues being a civilian specialist?”

“Not so far, Alley. I still wear the same uniform, they just don’t call me Lieutenant Berg, just Ms. Berg.” There was a hint of wry amusement in her eyes. “My crew from HLC listens, so the crew from Endeavour listens too.”

“Any more thoughts on signing on?”

“Occasionally,” LJ admitted. “There are advantages to not, though.”

“The pay isn’t any better by staying civilian; I know that the Admiral made sure her fleet personnel won’t be lacking for money.”

“No, not the pay. For one thing, until the Direwolves are officially installed on Endeavour I’m excused from the patrols.”

“Patrolling sucks,” agreed Alley.

“And then there’s this. If I signed on, I’d have to give up these evenings, wouldn’t I?” She gestured around Alley’s cabin, trying not to dislodge the shorter woman from her shoulder. “I mean, isn’t sleeping with the commanding officer generally frowned upon?”

“There is that,” said Alley, wriggling slightly to adjust her position. “But technically, I’m not your CO, so we’d probably be in the clear there. Beyond that there’s the fact that the Admiral is married to my XO, the Endeavour’s Captain is married to her Chief Engineer, and I don’t know how many other relationships going on in the fleet.”

“Do you want me to tell you, or just shoot you the data?”

Alley laughed.

“Seriously, Alley, it seems like just about everyone’s hooked up with someone else in the crew.” LJ cocked her head. “Do Mac and Ted count?”

“No, they’re OutLook, though I don’t know how long that’s going to make a difference.”

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