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Kindle Vella? Yes, Please!

You’ve read all the novels.

You listened to the audiobooks.

You even got the Omnibus so you could read the novella!

Now what?

If you’ve been missing your Cassidyverse fix, I have a solution for you!

#KindleVella – the new serialized stories on Amazon – and Memories of Aiyana is one of them. Written by Kendra Cassidy, these are her reflections on her childhood with Aiyana and their misadventures.

Episode 23 dropped today – but don’t worry, that just means you have lots to look forward to! And did I mention the first three episodes are free? Plus Amazon was giving out 200 free tokens to unlock more episodes; I don’t know if they still are, but I’ll bet you could find out! Don’t fall further behind – catch up today!

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