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Kendra Speaks!

Did you miss me last week?

Probably not, since I was in your inbox!


Can't get away from me that easily!

I don't usually start with links and crap, but this is different.

My book is up for an award!

You read it right!

Okay, okay, I didn't write ALL of the book.

I only wrote two stories. Fine. Get all technical and shit.

Those stories are "Magic for Skeptics" and "Recruiting Kendra" - and "'Cuz I Can" is all about me, too. Plus, well, "Thrown for a Loop" and "A Piece of the Action." And I show up in a few others.

But it's mine as much as it's Adam's!

So go vote for it!

It doesn't cost anything to register on the website, and takes maybe sixty seconds total.

Just click the button and boom! You're there!

He forgot to put my name on the cover, see?

So, that's that.

Did you vote?


If you've read Into the Black, and specifically "Recruiting Kendra," then I'll bet you have lots of questions.

Specifically, you're probably wondering who the hell Rose is, amirite?

Okay, this is where Adam's forcing me to put a big ol' SPOILERS warning

Okay, you still with me?

So. Rose.

My sweet Rose.

"What about Aiyana?" I hear you yell. Yes, yell.

You guys sending me messages and emails - I hear you!

Okay, so after high school, Cass went to college at MIT.

I went to make sensies.

We did not "break up." That implies the end of a relationship, for good or bad.

We didn't do that.

We separated, geographically, and we started dating other people.

But we didn't break up. We didn't stop our relationship.

We just...changed it.

Fast-forward a couple years. I've screwed my way across the Valley, and pretty happily.

Cass was seeing a guy at MIT.

We were chatting and messaging, staying in touch. But we weren't together as a couple.

Did that help?


Then this won't help, either.

I fell hard for Rosie.

And after our time out OutLook, at our training, was over?

She moved back to the Valley with me.

I bought her a cat.

And we thought we were a forever thing.

Turned out, we weren't.

But that's a whole book.

Enough of me.

I'll be back next week with something new!

- Kendra

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1 Comment

Jim Kratzer
Jim Kratzer
May 01, 2022

Kendra! BOSS! Kendra Marissa Foster-Briggs Cassidy! Yeah - YOU, you beautiful, ROWDY, round-heeled, sparky, loveable, occasionally BITCHY WOMAN, whom, over the course of my working, reading, and (thanks, Adam!) getting-to-know you relationship, have fallen into a DEEP, Platonic, Agape Love for you.

Just WHO do you think you're fooling, with your dancing around your feelings about Aiyana, and Rose, and So MANY Others in your Ohana? Hon, when the folks at Mendel Genetics built you (and WOW are you built - like a brick outhouse!), they made one big mistake; they installed a Size 15 Heart in a size 10 Body. And the result is a beautiful blonde that gives herself to ANYONE, body and soul, who will give even an ounce of "gives-a-damn" to…

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