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Kendra Speaks!

That's right, I'm back!

I thought I'd talk to you today about my family.

It is Easter for you, right? I have the date right?

You know mama and dad. Jane Foster and Hal Briggs.

You don't?

You'd better get your ass off the couch - no, scratch that. Stay on the couch and get two books from there:

Got them? Good. You can read more about my folks there.

Not too much; they're my parents, and their privacy is important to me.

Mainly because they're both alive now in your time and I don't want you lot looking for them!

My kids.

Mikki. Oldest. Mikayla Cristina, born 6/3/14.

Zeus loves a swan, where do I start? She was completely a mini-me once she got into her teenage years, and I nearly throttled her a few times. I think the fact that Honey bonded with her kept her from serious mischief, but on the other hand Honey had her own quirks. Eventually she settled down. She went to college, studied politics, and then went into politics. She spent years working her way up through the political jungle, winning election after election, until she finally made it to Minister of State. Along the way she married, a nice guy, and they had three kids of their own. My first grandkids.

Lisa. Lisa Amanda, born 8/14/15.

Scary, scary smart. Taking advanced courses for college credit before she was a teenager. Followed AIyana to MIT, but stayed to get dual PhD's, one in Quantum Mechanics, one in Warp Theory, then went and designed a program of study into Temporal Mechanics. That took her until she was thirty, at which point Amanda made her an offer she couldn't refuse to come to her Ministry of Technology and do the same thing there. She married young, 22, divorced her at 25, married again at 29, divorced him at 34, and then didn't get involved with anyone until she was almost 50. Then she settled into a triad.

Richie. Robert Charles Harold, born 11/5/23.

My sweet boy. Yeah, I know, Aiyana carried him, but he was always by my side from the time he was able to walk. After Mikki and Lisa, it was nice to have a child who wasn't smarter than his moms! That's not to say he wasn't smart; he just wasn't scary about it. And he loved art! He was never happier than when he had paint or crayons or was able to play with light sculptures. Went to an art college and played with so many different forms, it took him six years to graduate. When he finally did he started touring the planets and doing art, paintings mostly but some light sculpture and poetry. Married at 33 to Diana and Davie's daughter.

KC. Kyra Cristina, born 9/15/24.

Okay, no mother is supposed to have a favorite. I know that. I even agree with it. But KC? She inherited my dreams and wanderlust. As soon as she could she joined the junior Terran Federation Academy for her high school, went into the TFA from there, graduated second in her class, and went right into the Command track in Starfleet. She never took one of the Explorers, sticking to the Endeavour-class ships her entire career, but she routinely went deeper, farther, than any other Captain. Drove Davie nuts until she retired and handed the reins over to Admiral Garcia-Kay. Multiple partners over the years, but she always returned to her first love. Teddy McAllister who, thank Zeus, never talked as much as his mother!

So there you go, little thumbnails of my first four kids.

Oh, yes! There are more kids. But you don't know about them yet, do you?

A girl's got to have some secrets!

- Kendra

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