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Kendra Speaks!

Hello again!

It's March. I can't freakin' believe it.


Okay, let me try to explain.

On one hand, time is a very linear thing. You move from A to B to C to D at a constant rate of one second per second (more or less; all you Einsteinian physicists can just go sit down and not bend everyone's head with relativity and time dilation, 'kay?). So March follows February follows January, right?

This is what I used to think was "real life."

That was before Adam and all this communication and the Tantorians - whoops, I can't say too much because #spoilers! But suffice it to say, time travel?

It's a thing.

So now I have to keep track of my time - and for me, it's JULY - as well as yours.

Plus I have the additional issue of - what?

Aiyana here. Kendra really knows better, I swear, but every so often she forgets.

I'll just say she had a whole page written here of some of the events she and I have been dealing with for a number of years now. I'd love to let her tell you about them, but it will break the timeline. Again. And I don't have the patience to fix it again.

So I'm afraid you're going to have to skip to the end.


And that's why it's so challenging for me!

So I'll see you next week - your reality - and hopefully have something a little more substantial to say!


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