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Kendra Speaks!

Hey there!

I thought I'd drop in again, see what's new with you.

Though, and I just thought of this: anything that's new for you is old news for me.

I mean, you're all in my past. You don't know about next month's hurricane, or the volcano, or the spacecraft that falls out of orbit.

So asking you what's new is a little bit like you reading a history of the Spanish-American War as "news."

Enough philosophizing!

You probably want to know why Adam hasn't put any new books out since June. Short answer? He's been busy.

Long answer? He's writing, but he's writing multiple books and stories for various publications, plus doing freelance editing and helping AC edit an anthology (sneak peek below). Oh, and doing home inspector stuff.

Lemme tell you what happened to me one time, speaking of home inspectors.

This was after my OutLook training, shortly after Rose and I moved in together.

We stayed in my old apartment for a while, and then started looking for somewhere better. See, the main benefit of where I lived was it was cheap and close to my studio. But it was really a lousy location and, frankly, should have been condemned.

When the lease was up, we moved to a newer, nicer place, but it was short-term. We wanted a home, and to us both that meant a house and a yard.

So we went shopping.

After a couple weeks, we found what looked like the perfect place. A cute little bungalow, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, pool, patio, on a third of an acre, fenced in with a nice tall hedge all around it for privacy.

We loved it and made an offer.

Then Rosie got smart and said, "Kendra, we need an inspection."

"Why? It's perfect!"

She shook her head. "It might be, but what do you know about electrical wiring?"

"I plug it in and it works."

"Exactly. Plumbing? Roofing?"

"Oh." I began to realize the scope of my ignorance.

So we hired an inspector.

He came out one morning a couple of days later. We met him there with the estate agent, and we got started.

Mostly we stayed out of his way. Every now and then he'd point out something that we ought to look at having fixed, or watch. We'd write it down, okay, Rosie would write it down, and then move on.

About ninety minutes in, he comes running up from the basement.

"Get out. Now."

He doesn't say anything else, just grabs his tools and heads out the door. We follow and catch up to him.


"The foundation. You know what it's made of?"

We'd been down there. "Concrete."

He shakes his head. "No. It looks like concrete, and the surface is concrete, but there's a place in a far corner you can see what they did. It's just dirt, the dirt from where they excavated, and the outer walls are resting on the dirt with the concrete layered over it to make it appear there's a foundation."

I still didn't quite get it, but Rosie blanched.

"Kendra," she said. "One good rain, or a little earthquake, anything that makes the walls shift, and the house will fall into the basement."

He was nodding. "She's right."

Now I paled, too.

We withdrew our offer and kept looking.

And that, children, is why Adam's so busy and hasn't been writing.

As always, got goodies for you down below. See you next time!

- Kendra

Right, now for your goodies. First up is a little tease of a project Adam's been working on:

Next is AC's book - which I finally read and devoured in a night!

When an angel and a demon fall in love, there's Hell to pay... And Heaven's waiting its turn Rome in the 10th Century is full of demons and succubi, trying to influence and corrupt the church. To combat them are a host of angels and guardians. Kalili is a demon. Faith is an angel. When Faith encounters Kalili, sparks fly. It's impossible, but they can't deny their feelings. When they learn who - and what - they truly are? Neither side wants that, and both Heaven and Hell turn their backs on the pair. No backup. No support. All they can depend on is each other.

It had better be enough.

"Imaginative writing, snarky characters, intriguing plot line, and a enthralling romance between two forbidden beings. What more could you ask for?!" - Amazon Review

"Faith and Kalili’s journey from ‘kill to kiss’ left me begging for more. With the perfect balance of wholesome and seductive, their enemies-to-lovers relationship is one of the best I’ve read." - Amazon Review

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