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Kendra Speaks!

Hey there!

I know, I know, it's been a while.

But let me tell you what's been going on in MY life.

First we took the Connie - sorry, sorry, the TFS Constitution - out on a deep cruise, three hundred light-years out to HD 95086 and its major planet.

No, I'm not gonna tell you the name! I've learned not to influence history like that!

[Aiyana here: No, she hasn't]

We spent a lovely month out there.

I say lovely because it totally isn't.

Look, maybe you can get excited about a stellar system in the early stages of formation. I know my wife can, and her science department was absolutely nuts about it.

But for me?


You know me, or you should by now.

I've got my skills. I can keep us alive when the smart money's on a short ending. I can persuade people to do things they'd never considered. And in a pinch, I'll kick ass.

[Aiyana here: That's often the first option]

And I love flying my Direwolf. It's almost as much fun as my old Veyron, with the added benefit I get to blow things up.

When Cass told me that 95086 had a significant debris field, I was thrilled. Debris! Cool! What Danni would call a "target-rich environment."


Turns out, there's so much junk out there, it's barely safe to fly. And the gravity? Don't get me started. You know how turbulent it can get when you have lots and lots of material moving at relativistic speeds around a star?

Think of the North Atlantic in winter during a storm.

So Brie and I didn't get in enough target practice.

Anyway, after stooging around 95086b for a while and discovering a few other proto-planets orbiting the baby star, we headed back in, stopping at a few systems along the way.

Shortly before we returned we got the big news.

The implant took. Cass was pregnant!

So now we're back in baby-prep mode. Mikki's being a pain, telling Lisa all the terrible things about having a younger sibling, pointedly reminding her that she's the younger. But we'll deal.


How's your life going?

It's always interesting here.

Now, enough from me. A few books for you to look over, then I'm going to go away.

- Kendra

When an angel and a demon fall in love, there's Hell to pay... And Heaven's waiting its turn Rome in the 10th Century is full of demons and succubi, trying to influence and corrupt the church. To combat them are a host of angels and guardians. Kalili is a demon. Faith is an angel. When Faith encounters Kalili, sparks fly. It's impossible, but they can't deny their feelings. When they learn who - and what - they truly are? Neither side wants that, and both Heaven and Hell turn their backs on the pair. No backup. No support. All they can depend on is each other.

It had better be enough.

"Imaginative writing, snarky characters, intriguing plot line, and a enthralling romance between two forbidden beings. What more could you ask for?!" - Amazon Review

"Faith and Kalili’s journey from ‘kill to kiss’ left me begging for more. With the perfect balance of wholesome and seductive, their enemies-to-lovers relationship is one of the best I’ve read." - Amazon Review

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