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Kendra Speaks!

Hello again!

Welcome to August - or maybe you ought to be saying that to me.

This post, it's stardate 14303.19, and I'm visiting Freyr with Cass and our youngest.


Sorry - Spoilers. Adam hasn't told you the extent of our family yet. Hinted, but he hasn't gotten them all yet.

Anyways, she's only three, and Cass is teaching her to read.

Yes, read.

Cass was reading then. She was reading to me, for a while. That is until I got fed up with it and decided I was gonna learn how to read in self-defense.

Which meant we were both reading before we were four.

And that's a kind of roundabout way to get to what Adam wanted me to talk about this week.

Yes, I do actually listen to him. On occasion.

He wrote a story for a charity anthology.

What story? "A Dream Made Flesh"

So it's in this anthology, called "Wicked Wishes", and like I said, it's a charity anthology. All the stories were donated, the authors all kicked in to pay for the cover, and all the proceeds go to the World Literacy Foundation.

They're a group in your time which is dedicated to spreading the ability to read across the globe, with an aim to eradicate illiteracy by 2040.

Spoiler alert: they do it!

You can learn more by clicking HERE.

"That's nice, Kendra, but what does he want me to do? Donate?"

If you want to, sure. But what he wants won't cost you a penny.

See the cover?

Nice, isn't it?

It's been entered in a contest, for Cover of the Month. Now, I know, Adam's done this before, and you have all been huge supporters, but here's why this one's special.

The winning cover gets six months free publicity from the website AND is listed on the "winners" list forever!


Again, I hear you say, "So what?"

More publicity means more people see the book.

If more people see the book, more people will buy the book.

And if more people buy the book, more money is donated.

And it doesn't have to cost you a cent!

Just click on the cover, or click on this button, and cast your vote!

You can vote once in each round. The first round ends today, at 2:30 EDT, so you have time if you hustle to vote TWICE today!

Got it?

Go vote!

Did you vote?


Now, here's Adam's gift to you.

Your own PDF copy of "A Dream Made Flesh" - his way of saying "thanks!"

Well done!

Next week, Newsletter time! All sorts of goodies in it, it's gonna be PACKED, so don't miss out!

- Kendra

A Dream Made Flesh
Download PDF • 715KB

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