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Kendra Speaks!

Oh man.

You're reading this, so it's Sunday there/then.

It's not Sunday here.

It's Thursday. Thursday night, to be specific.

And it's been One Of Those Thursdays.

You know the kind, don't you?

The sort when the day seems to go on and on and on, and the longer it goes on the worse it gets in terms of getting things done, because every time you try to do something you find there's a step you need to complete before you can move forward?

And then you go to do that, and find there's something else missing?

So you have to find out what that was, go finish that, and then return?


It's been one of those days.

My Zeus, what a day.

Add to that, Cass and I are out in the back of beyond, and it makes for a real lack of desire to post anything.

(Where? Elnath, Beta Tauri. Not really back of beyond, only 134 light-years away, but damn, is it boring! Cass and her science team are having a blast. Why? Ahem. "Elnath is a mercury-manganese star, having prominent lines of heavy elements in its spectrum. It has a higher abundance of manganese than our sun, yet it doesn’t have a high mercury signature. Because of this and due to the star’s prominent lines of silicon and chromium, some scientists classified the star as a SrCrEu star or an Ap star."

I think it's boring because it doesn't have any planets. Me and Brie are enjoying our time going out and making snow out of comets, though.)

Anyway, that's where I am, mentally and physically.

So for the rest of the post I'm going to turn it over to Adam.

- Kendra

This is a switch. Kendra, not wanting to talk?

Anyways, how about some freebies?

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