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Kendra Speaks!


That's right, your favorite reprobate is back, and this week I want to tell you a funny story.

Back when Richie was a toddler, maybe three? Let me think. KC was walking, so yeah, about three.

He hadn't been adopted by a treecat. He was way too young.

What does that have to do with anything, you ask?

Well, while treecats appreciate the simplicity of children's minds, usually their personalities have to be well-formed for the 'cats to accept them. That doesn't happen for most before their tween to teenage years, when they start developing a real sense of self.

Mikki and Lisa?

Exceptions that prove the rule.

Honey and Orion didn't intend to bond with them. They were observing them, was all, until the treemartens attacked. Under the stress of the situation, bonding was almost inevitable.

Richie was old enough to know his sisters had something he didn't, and he wanted it.

Honey and Orion and their kits were smart and fast enough to stay out of his clutches.

So he went and rigged a carrier, then plopped in one of the cats.

Not a treecat.

A cat.

You can imagine how well that went over, can't you?

There were howls.

And not all coming from the cat.



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