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Kendra Speaks!

Hey, hello there!

Tomorrow is Lunar Independence Day - the proper one, not the one back in the 2070s where they broke away from the control of the United Earth while the UE was distracted.

No, this is the one that counts.

Maybe I'm biased. Maybe I'm saying that because I was involved in it up to my armpits and sinking fast.

And I know it's Independence Day for many of you, too. The old United States.

What a good idea that went terribly wrong.

Look, I'm no historian, and I'm not going to lecture you on what could have/should have happened during the crucial years of the 2020s through 2040. You're going to have to find out the hard way.

But a short, simple version?

My freedom ends at the end of my nose. I can believe anything I want, but I can't impose it on you.

That doesn't mean that I can FORCE you to do what I believe.

Just like it means you can't force ME to do what YOU believe.

But you can't stop me from doing something which doesn't harm you.

I can stop you from walking down the road and swinging a sword, because that could harm someone. I can stop you from shooting arrows into the sky to see where they land. I can refuse to let you into my home because you want to preach at me about something or another.

I can't stop you from having a sword. I can't stop you from having a bow. I can't stop you from believing what you want to believe.

And if you work in a position for the government? You leave your beliefs at the door.

If you believe so strongly that X is wrong, but it's part of your job to help people accomplish X? You can't force the agency you work for to comply with your beliefs. You're in the wrong job.

You have freedom to believe. You can't impose that belief on others who don't believe as you do.

The most you can do is agitate and educate and persuade. If people follow your belief, they'll choose not to do X. It can be LEGAL and NOT DONE if people CHOOSE not to do it.

I said this was short and simple. Okay, maybe I was wrong.

But dammit, people, you have a good thing going. Don't screw it up because you think everyone should think the way you do!

Anyways, that's enough from me.

No ads, no promotions, no "buy this".

Just a plea - think, people!



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1 comentario

Jim Kratzer
Jim Kratzer
04 jul 2022

BEST Statement of true Freedom and Independence EVER written - and one I'LL stand beside, behind, with, and probably in front of! - whenever you and Aiyana need someone to keep the Coyotes flying. Kingpin

Me gusta
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