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Kendra Speaks!

That's right, I'm back!

It's time for another story from me.

Back when Rose and I were settling into the Valley together.

For those of you who are saying, "Who's Rose?", I suggest you pick up "Into the Black" and read "Recruiting Kendra" before you go any further. Or you can still read it as a Kindle Vella if you prefer the episodic format.

Why should you read it?

Because #Spoilers

Okay, if you're still with me, I'm going to assume you either know who Rose is or don't care that I'm giving you details.

Last time I was telling you that Rose wanted us to buy a house. Or rent. She didn't care. But she wanted a house because she didn't want the neighbors to know when we had sex.

It didn't take us long to find a place.

The problem was choosing one.

We went 'round and 'round about it.

"Too small." That was funny. My apartment was good-sized, but still only four rooms. This house three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and living room. And two floors!

"Too big." True. That one was a monster. I think it had six bedrooms?

"Not enough space between us and the neighbors." Did you know that in 2104, in the Valley, it's legal to have homes as close together as two meters? Can you imagine? I mean, why move out of an apartment if you're going to be that close? No way!

"Too distant." That was one down towards the Mojave; technically, it was a separate country. The California Confederacy is weird like that. What used to be counties are now duchies, earldoms, baronies, republics, and anything else you want to name.

Finally, we found the perfect place. It was twenty kilometers away from my studio, on a fenced acre, with an underground garage with a gated entry. The home? Gorgeous. Big and airy, with lots of light, a new kitchen, lots of open floor, and, best of all, four bedrooms. One for us, one for guests, and one for each of us to use as an office.

The only problem?


The owner knew what he had and priced accordingly.

Four point three million bruins.

Um. How can I put that into something you can relate to?

Let's just say that it was overpriced by a factor of at least three.

My first solution?

Seduce him to lower the price.

"No!" Rose said.

We were in bed when I brought it up. I figured Rose's brain might take a while to recover, and she wouldn't object.

A miscalculation on my part.

"Kendra Marissa, you are not going to fuck the price down!"

"Babe," I said, stroking her. "You know it wouldn't mean anything. Hell, I'd tell him it was for a sensie. Maybe he'd want to star in one!"

"No! There has to be another way."

"Well, there was something else..."

"What? Anything is better than sleeping with him."

"Well, we know all sorts of dirty tricks."

"No violence, Kendra."


She sat up then, which distracted me.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I asked when the blood returned to my brain.

"I said, I could hack him! He's got to have some skeleton in his closet."

This was brilliance. Rose wasn't quite genius at hacking, but she was damn good.

"Better than kidnapping him, I suppose."

She started to get out of bed. I reached an arm and caught her about her waist.


"We're not done yet."

Enjoy that? Good!

I'll be doing another Kindle Vella project soon, a sequel to "Recruiting Kendra", and you can bet that scene's going to be in there!

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