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Kendra’s Special

Hey there! Adam was roaming around on Twitter and he came across these; he thought I would appreciate them.

He was right.

They are so totally me and Cass! The details might be a bit off; after all, there’s nothing in there about the Federation or our girls or anything like that. But the essence is absolutely right. She and I were always together, from babyhood until she went off to college. There’s a couple of those panels which really captured us, you know?

We didn’t do the Disney thing. But the bandaid in the rain? Yeah. Holding hands in school? Yeah. Helping move? Well, only once. But I have to save that story for some Saturday.

Anyhow, I love the images, and so wanted to share them with you. Since Aiyana won’t come back here/now and tell you herself.

He said I can post them here if I put in the following:

“Provided by Stephanie-Rose L. Sermon” – I guess he found them on her feed? Anyways, there it is!

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