Kara SB Brown Interview!

Ah, June!

Everything’s green, everything’s growing, the snow is finally melted…!

And week after week you can come back for our Monday Morning Author Interviews.

Today we have Kara SB Brown, who is brand new on the scene! Let’s give her a warm welcome and listen to what she has to say!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was traveling with my Daddy, who was a truck driver. We were in Arizona, at a 3-way stop. A tumbleweed rolled across the road, and I saw a roadrunner waiting at one of the stop signs. I asked, “Daddy, are cartoons real?” His answer, which I can’t recall verbatim, was something like “Karebear, cartoons are created based on people’s lives. So yes, in a way, they are real, just as books can be real in your mind.” He introduced me to his cousin, Martha Bolton, and I began writing short stories. Unfortunately, traumas and bullying convinced me I was ‘too stupid’ to write a book, much less a series. Years later, after meeting my fiancée, I started to see who I am. Journaling helped me in the process. My therapists all encouraged me to practice prolonged exposure, but I didn’t trust myself to be safe, as I had lived in a fantasy world most of my life. In 2016, I decided to start writing my story, sharing my life and my PTSD healing journey. Since then, I’ve written my first book and one-quarter of my second book, both in the series “The Coral and the Kingdom.”