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Welcome back!

Right now we have a post from friend of mine. She’s an author with a poetic soul who’s working on her first novel. She’s going to make occasional visits to the site to share pieces of her writing with us.

Without further ado, Taylor Anne Vigil!

I can feel it in my bones. I was born to be a writer. No one but me knows the beauty of every universe that lives inside my head. My world is a magical place, full of the greenest forests, the cleanest oceans and so much more. There are the indescribably gorgeous landscapes that I’ve explored in my dreams, landscapes where space and ocean sunsets become one, where you can fly from the sunny beach into a collection of endless stars and planets in an instant. The colors in my world are warm and bright; a thrill to my impaired eyes. And, in a way, it seems as though God is trying to show me as much of the world as He can before my vision fades completely. This is why I write it all down, from my nightly dreams, to my daydreams. If I were willing to keep the hundreds of worlds floating around in my head to no one but myself, it would be the most selfish thing I’d ever do.

Learn more about Taylor by clicking the button below.

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