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Get to Know Shooting Star

Commander Ashlyn ‘Shooting Star’ Bontrager…sort of

The following was written at my request by Admiral Kendra Cassidy. She has it up on her Instagram, admrl_kendra_cassidy_tf

So I was playing around today and I did this. It actually looks like one of my pilots.

Her name is Ashlyn, she’s now a full commander, and her handle is Shooting Star. She flies a Direwolf. That’s our tactical fighter, a real hot beast. Capable of up to 500g accel and heavily armed for its size, and she’s just about the best.

I remember her when she came out of the academy. Double Dip, Daniela Garcia, was her CO, and she picked Ashlyn out for her ability right away.

The only real issue she has is her ship’s AI. See, I have a weakness for this time period’s pop culture, and my people have picked up on that. One of the shows I love is Battlestar Galactica.

Well, the thing is, AI’s do better when you treat them as people, including naming them. Njord’s AI is Diana, for example, and she has taken on some aspects of the personalities of Gal Godot and Wonder Woman.

Well, what Ashlyn did was name hers after the hottest pilot from BSG. The AI did research and now her ship truly believes that it, or maybe HE, is Starbuck. Complete with all the mannerisms and quirks.

So that’s Ashlyn’s story.

Oh, yeah. Adam has a new web site up for things like this.

Go check it out!

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