From the next Cassidyverse novel...

I'm back with another chapter from The Ghosts of Tantor - the Cassidyverse novel which should be coming out in the spring of 2022!

Now, last week was pretty dark. Lieutenant Shi Hendrickson has some pretty heavy issues to deal with.

So I thought I'd go much lighter for this chapter.

Plus I'll give you a look at the placeholder cover art I'm using. This is NOT the final artwork or the final cover! Those will be done by my usual designer, Emily. But this gives you an idea of the direction.

Okay, onto the chapter!

TFS Pike

Stardate 12408.15

“Here’s your share.” Jessa reached into a pocket and pulled out a pair of fifty-credit notes.

Nicole took it and said, “How much did you bet?”

“It wasn’t the bet. It was the odds.” Jessa laughed. “Something my dad taught me when I was little, and he’d bring me to the racetrack: play the odds, not the favorites. One long-shot paying off makes up for a whole