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That's right, it's a free book Sunday!

Go to Amazon and get it for FREE!

Click either the cover or the button and you can download the first "long" story I ever published.

If you're lucky, Amazon might offer you a chance to buy the audio for a couple extra bucks - instead of the usual price!

Enjoy my take on vampires - here's the Amazon blurb:

What if I told you that vampires are real?

They live among us, even today.

No sunlight allergies, no crosses, no stakes.

Simply a different diet.

What would you do?

Donovan and Jiltanith are vampires, and in a not-too-distant future they live in fear for their lives.

But Donovan has a plan: he's built a time machine.

The problem is, once they leave, they can't come back.

What do you choose?

Live a life of fear?

Or flee into an unknown future?

""Refuge" presented a fresh concept in the Vampire genre, by not only combining it with sci-fi but also with time travel."

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