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Cover of the Month Contest!

Welcome back!

I have a great cover designer.

Emily’s World of Design has done all the covers for the Cassidy Chronicles novels to date, and she’s really outdone herself with the latest one, Triumph’s Ashes.

So I’ve entered the cover in the October AllAuthor Cover-of-the-Month contest as a way to showcase her work. But while having her cover posted on the contest page is fine and dandy, having the cover win would be a real feather in her cap!

What does this mean for you?

It means I need your vote! And not just once, but in EVERY round (this week, next, and the week after – THREE votes)

I’ll make it easy. Click on the cover, right below, and you’ll be brought to the website to vote. If you’ve never been there before, you’ll need to register (email and name); feel free to use a burner email if you’re worried about privacy.

Furthermore, after you vote, come back here and click the OTHER image, the one of a gift card, because you can then ENTER to win a $100 Certificate! The contest runs as long as the competition runs, and you can enter every time you share the Cover Contest link AS WELL as every time you vote!



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